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Kaleidoscope Katrantzou: Mary Katrantzou, 10 Years in Fashion

Start Date 09 April 2019
End Date 22 September 2019
Venue SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film
Location Atlanta, USA
Curator Alexandra Sachs and Rafael Gomes
Exhibition display of dressed mannequin

SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film presents “KALEIDOSCOPE KATRANTZOU: Mary Katrantzou, 10 Years in Fashion,” an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the coveted designer’s eponymous label. Katrantzou is acclaimed for her bold colors, textures and prints, which she expertly wields into kaleidoscopic, sculptural creations. Known for her limitless imagination, she draws from enchanting, unexpected sources: Fabergé eggs, Bauhaus posters, postage stamps, perfume bottles and typewriters have all found their way into her collections. “KALEIDOSCOPE KATRANTZOU,” a retrospective of the designer’s work from the past decade, features iconic looks that reveal her innovative approach combining fashion, art and technology.

Born in Athens, Greece, and based in London, Katrantzou caught the attention of the fashion world in 2008 with her now-legendary graduation show of trompe l’oeil prints. Over the past 10 years, Katrantzou has surprised and stunned critics each season. Tapped for prestigious partnerships with cult brands including Longchamp, Moncler and Adidas Originals, she has also collaborated with artist-provocateur Pablo Bronstein, designed costumes for the New York City Ballet and Paris Opera and exhibited her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In December 2018, she was invited to design Beyoncé’s look for the Global Citizen Festival, a majestic ensemble of floral patchwork based on the contours of the African continent, printed on a sequin base and hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Katrantzou’s garments are highly sought after by fashionistas, collectors and celebrities alike, and have been worn by Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o and Naomi Campbell, among many others.

Image © Valeria Brugueras.