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Katie Pye: Clothes for Modern Lovers

Start Date 26 May 2007
End Date 13 January 2008
Venue National Gallery of Victoria
Location Melbourne, Australia
Curator Danielle Whitfield
Exhibition display of dress in glass vitrines
Exhibition display of dress in glass vitrine
Exhibition display of dress in glass vitrine

Straddling the boundaries between art and fashion, Katie Pye was an Australian fashion iconoclast throughout the 1980s. Individual, experimental and highly unorthodox, her work constantly challenged the conventional limitations of fashionable dress. Integrating performance, design, art and fashion, Pye represented an energetic current that introduced new visual and conceptual models to Australian fashion.

Clothes for Modern Lovers charts Pye’s work from the late 1970s through to 1990. Illustrative of her constantly evolving design idiom, the exhibition features Pye’s early avant-garde works, signature explorations of graphic form and innovative fabric treatments, her rule-breaking art wear and key examples from her commercial ranges. Over 30 outfits from the NGV Collection will be displayed alongside contextual photography and video works.

Photos courtesy of National Gallery of Victoria