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Knit: Naomi London and Janet Morton

Start Date 24 June 1995
End Date 03 September 1995
Venue Textile Museum of Canada
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Curator Sarah Quinton
Exhibition with knitwear garments hanging on the wall.
Exhibition with knitwear swatches hanging from one wall; a large knitted wall hanging with text, hanging from the wall onto the ground into a ball or yarn; and pictures hanging on one wall.
Exhibition with knitwear swatch and its accompanying knit instructions displayed on a wall.

Knitting has been practiced throughout history in a variety of settings and for a variety of reasons, both functional and decorative. Around the world, knitting styles have become personalized and regionalized – some traditional patterns are identifiable with nationhood and political affiliation – others are anonymously produced for practical, often sentimental reasons. This 1995 exhibition featuring the work of artists Naomi London, Jean McRae and Janet Morton, examines these interconnected themes.

Images courtesy of the Textile Museum of Canada, Ontario, Canada.