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La moda e la scienza nella Firenze di Pietro Leopoldo (Fashion and science in Pietro Leopoldo’s Florence)

Start Date 05 December 2009
End Date 05 March 2010
Venue Museo Galileo - Institute and Museum of the History of Science
Location Florence, Italy
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins in period costume beside scientific apparatus with arched window in background

Magnificent dresses that reproduce eighteenth-century models created by expert craftsmen, replicas of scientific instruments and period texts on fashion and costume recreate the atmosphere of Lorraine Florence in an evocative way. The original combination of fashion and science allows us to look at the society of the time in a new way, discovering unsuspected relationships. The scientific apparatuses on display testify to the interest in teaching of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena (1747-1792), but also refer to the evolution of weaving techniques: the production of increasingly better quality fabrics with low costs and the use of measuring instruments to create tailored garments required specific technical knowledge. During the eighteenth century, the looms underwent continuous improvements, until the invention of the Jacquard loom.

Image courtesy of Museo Galileo, Florence, Italy.