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Les Trésors de la Collection, 30 Ans D’acquisitions

Start Date 07 April 2018
End Date 06 January 2019
Venue Musée Christian Dior
Location Granville, France
Curator Agence Alighieri, Simon Jaffrot and Noémie Bourgeois
Exhibition display of dressed mannequin in black suit
Exhibition display of dressed mannequin in pink dress

30 years after the constitution of its very first collections, in 1987, and 20 years after its foundation even within the Villa Les Rhumbs, in 1997, the Christian Dior museum offers, for the first time on such a scale, in spring 2018, the opportunity for a unique journey through its collections. Deploying an exceptional selection in all areas of the museum bringing together nearly 60 Haute Couture dresses, accessories, numerous archive documents, personal items that belonged to Christian Dior, the exhibition “The treasures of collection, 30 years of acquisitions “illustrates the remarkable heritage of the Christian Dior Museum, which became the Musée de France in 2002 and then received the Maison des illustres label in 2011, and on this occasion pays tribute to all of its donors and benefactors. Today, the collections of the Christian Dior museum bring together nearly 400 Haute Couture dresses and hundreds of accessories, magazines and photographs. It is in a green setting, sheltered from the eyes and the bustle of the city, that Christian Dior, reserved and dreamy child, spends his childhood. Villa Les Rhumbs, this pink and gray house, and his English garden will remain his main sources of stylistic inspiration. In 1987, the exhibition “Christian Dior, the other himself” organized at the Richard Anacréon Museum of Modern Art led to the creation of a Christian Dior collection. The idea of ​​creating a museum in the house where the great couturier was born becomes reality ten years later.

The exhibition will show the collection of the Christian Dior Museum in all its diversity. Almost a Sixty dresses, perfumes, accessories, documents, photographs will allow visitors to understand the family and personal history of the couturier, his heritage entrepreneur, his career as a designer, the unique style and worldwide success of the creations of the Maison Dior until today. Visitors will discover how the museum’s collections were formed and continue to grow and live

Donors and benefactors of the Christian Dior museum, major players in the constitution of the heritage fund, will be honored. Objects, such as a box in money offered by the Empress of Japan, or personal effects cherished by Mr. Dior (his lucky star, his diary, his watch and his pair of scissors) will be unveiled in an unprecedented way. Dresses acquired or donated and restored to complete the collections of the museum as part of the exhibition, will be on display for the first time. To close the exhibition, visitors will be able to admire the miniature reproductions of 30Haute Couture dresses, specially created for the occasion by the Maison Dior workshops.

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Image courtesy of Musée Christian Dior © Laziz Hamani

© Laziz Hamani