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LOL by La Cambre Mode[s]

Start Date 23 June 2018
End Date 30 September 2018
Venue Musée Mode & Dentelle
Formerly Musée du Costume et de la dentelle
Exhibition display of clothes hanging on a rail

For the first time, La Cambre Mode[s] is exhibiting at the museum 

«lol» is used in internet jargon, particularly in the context of instant messaging, discussion forums and emails, to speed up the writing process and punctuate a statement. It is a quick way of showing that a read message or a situation is funny. In French, the term «lol» is also used to emphasize a comment or express surprise, without it necessarily being funny. The term «lol» can even be used in a sarcastic or ironic way, to underline a total lack of hilarity on the part of the person using it. These uses mark a departure from its English origins, which tend to refer to something hilarious.

Is La Cambre Mode[s] protesting and demonstrating by exhibiting at the Museum? By definition, the college observes, analyses, questions, diverts and shifts dress codes. This is part of its DNA. Clothes and the body are at the very heart of its teaching. These media help to reveal new identities and the particular characteristics of new designers. All students use a shared vocabulary to form their own phrases… Beyond the socio-political challenges, the impact and social influence of May ‘68 also opened up a way for the public to approach the issue of the body and sexuality. Through some strange backlash, we now find ourselves facing a number of contrasts between, on the one hand, what is (finally) permitted and, on the other hand, a return to a prudish-like modesty.

Journey into a unique wardrobe that questions the body, nudity, sex and clothing