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Luxury for Fashion: International costume jewelery from the Fior Collection London

Start Date 11 April 2013
End Date 03 November 2013
Venue Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Location Berlin, Germany
Curator Adelheid Rasche and Britta Bommert

The family business “Fior” with its London boutiques has been the first address for high-quality fashion jewelry and luxury accessories for decades. In addition to film and stage stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly, the international jet set was one of its customers as well as members of the European royal families.

As early as the 1950s, Lawrence Feldman began building the “Fior Collection London” by choosing representative pieces from each collection in his jewelry range. Most of the objects in this unique collection, which come from leading international manufacturers such as Trifari, Marcel Boucher or Louis Rousselet, are characterized by their style and workmanship due to their close proximity to real and jewelery. Particularly noteworthy are the ensembles produced exclusively by the Pforzheim-based company Henkel & Grosse and by Mitchel Maer in London for the French couturier Christian Dior, which are among the finest and most elaborate in the field of fashion jewelry. The “Fior Collection London” often offers multi-part sets that impressively show the different variants of a design on necklace, bracelet,

In the exhibition, the around 290 selected jewelry objects are accompanied by around 120 original fashion photographs from the Modebild Collection – Lipperheidesche Kostümbibliothek, which show the fashion trends of the individual decades from 1950 to 1990.

Curators: Adelheid Rasche and Britta Bommert.