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Luxury in Fashion Reconsidered

Start Date 11 April 2009
End Date 24 May 2009
Venue KCI at the National Museum of Art
Location Kyoto, Japan
Curator Shinji Kohmoto and Akiko Fukai

Examining fashion from the standpoint of luxury, this exhibition considered the relationship between luxury and fashion in different societies and eras, from the 17th century to the present, and explores new directions for the future. The growth of the industrial economy has brought a wealth of material blessings into our lives, but has also confronted us with some challenging global issues. Under these circumstances people do not necessarily share the same view of luxury, which is one of the manifestations of this affluence. Views range from the perception of luxury in terms of visually luxurious and lavish expressions, to a take on luxury that is more individualistic, more of an intellectual pleasure. For this exhibition, we use the concept of ‘luxury’ as a vantage point from which to take a new look at fashion-the most sensitive indicator of our values and social trends.

©The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Naoya Hatakeyama