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Made in Britain: Walsh Trainers

Start Date 31 January 2014
End Date 17 May 2014
Venue Fashion and Textile Museum
Location London, UK

‘Made in Britain’ traces the unique history of Walsh trainers, currently the only wholly British owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear brand. Spanning over 50 years, the history of Walsh also illustrates how performance sportswear has become a fashion staple.

Norman Walsh began making shoes in 1945 at the age of fourteen for J.W. Foster & Sons. A talented craftsman, he created footwear for the British Olympic team in 1948, with Alastair McCorquodale winning the relay medal in JW Foster Deluxe spikes made by the man himself.

An exploration of the history of British-made trainers, this new display is a powerful reminder of the country’s manufacturing history and its incredible potential. A diverse collection of vintage shoes, photographs, archive correspondence and brochures is combined with manufacturing details and fashion images to give exclusive insights on the historical relationship between sport and style.