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Maja Gunn: Play

Start Date 11 November 2017
End Date 22 April 2018
Venue Textil Museet
Location Boras, Sweden

In the work of artist and design researcher Maja Gunn, gender and queer identity are explored in relation to clothing and textiles. The exhibition shows a selection of her art and design projects in the form of experimental garments, textile works and site-specific installations.

Gunn has a Doctorate in design with a specialization in fashion and has through his research developed design methods where textile expressions for gender, gender and sexuality are central. The performative, staging and exploratory play are in focus in her art.

The exhibition PLAY

  • plays with the sexualizing (traditionally male) gaze and shows male breasts in silicone exploited for lust.
  • offers you to try breasts, and play with how your body looks or what gender you are expected to have.
  • conveys lesbian stories and turns a shirt into a lesbian shirt.
  • shows children imitating their idols, and the need for role models to identify with.
  • allows you to listen to stories about how clothes can be important tools in dealing with a separation.
  • gives you bodies, memories and desires.