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Manuel Pina, Fashion Designer. 1914-1944

Start Date 15 November 2013
End Date 30 March 2014
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Concha Herranz and Juan Gutiérrez

Self-taught by training, Manuel Piña came to play a key role in the revitalization of Spanish fashion. During the 70s, it entered the textile sector through the manufacture of knitwear, with which it reaped enormous success thanks to a correct reading of the needs of the market. Conscious of his creative skills and, above all, of his ability to interpret the wishes of the Spanish woman who was beginning his late emancipation, from the beginning of the 80s he entered the world of design, creating his first collections for catwalks at a moment With his parade in the tent of the Circo de la Ciudad de los Muchachos, held on the eve of the 1982 elections, Manuel Piña broke schemes thanks to a spectacular collection. In her, Tradition and craftsmanship met the most avant-garde design, laying the foundations for a work that, until the designer’s retirement in 1990, fascinated a female audience yearning for modernity. Powerful and sensual, the “Piña woman” became the protagonist of the Madrid Movement and symbol of the new times.