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Miao Costumes in Guizhou

Start Date March 2018
End Date May 2018
Venue China National Silk Museum
Location Hangzhou, China

In the long history, Miao Nationality keeps migration, making the costumes of Guizhou Miao people developed over 180 kinds of styles. Many Chinese ancient costume styles could be found among them: Jumper, round-collar garment, longuette, midiskirt, short-skirt, even pantskirt for men.

The Miao Ethnic group has a long history, with rich culture, while no language. In order to maintain its characteristics and identities, Miao people make their history, religion, culture, customs, legends and so forth into clothing, known as the “the history without language”.

Decoration crafts on Guizhou Miao costumes mainly includes embroidery, weaving, wax-resisted dyeing, silver ornaments, etc. but the uses differ in different areas, some simple while some complicated, some tending to decorating in one way while some in three ways at the same time. It often costs a Miao girl a couple of years or even her entire teenage time for a set of exquisite costumes.

Miao people love to decorate themselves in silver ornaments. It’s hard to find an ethnic group adores silver that much. The Silver ornament of Miao people owns a full range of types, and appears attractive, from head to foot. The more, larger and heavier, the better.