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Start Date 12 December 2008
End Date 22 February 2009
Venue Musée du Textile
Location Cholet, France
Curator Sylvie Marot
Designer Sylvie Marot

“miXages” takes for playground the former “whitening factory”, the textile museum of cholet. An atypical place that’s in harmony with their personalities. an industrial fallow land for innovative fashion pioneers. Into the heart of the canvass whitening factory, these pioneers inaugurate, with impertinence, the 3rd stage of the “Small couture” cycle, devoted to the child fashion history, signing the first brand retrospective exposition in France.

Initiated in 2005 by the textile museum, this exposition series posts the region’s leadership in national industrial clothing.

“Fashion Usage”

A wink to the fashion’s spirit, to word’s spirit, “miXages”, questions existing links between adult and the child clothing: reproduction, miniaturization or adaptation? It explores an important theme for creators, the “mix” around races, sexes, styles and generations.

Three periods punctuate the dedicated sector of Girbaud child’s creation. When they created, in 1973 “Ça… le gosse” line and then, in the middle of the 1980’s, the “Reproduction” collections, Marithé + François Girbaud didn’t bet on the “wise and secure” and raised questions about creation and the direct connection between child and adult clothing. Progression continued, in 2007, when they entrust their child clothing brand license to a cholet business, C.W.F. (Child Worldwide Fashion). learning out of the 80’s and their actual experience, miXages saw the changes in style and industrialization of the brand. reflection of the corporation’s evolution and the fashion’s world, the exposition underlines the progressive evolution towards a better interpretation of creativity.


Marithé + François Girbauds’, ways to express this fashion is always an expression by itself.

“When we cut clothing, we sew our name on the fabric”. MiXages decodes the way by which the “creator’s” spirit succeeds and express itself in the domain children’s fashion while avoiding the modifications and liberty constraints usually foreseen and proposed by the child clothing industry.

Dialog establishes itself out of the shaping and the creation process. confrontations and frictions between adult and children lines bare the relations between big and small clothing. From adult to child, miXages surfs over the ages and doesn’t bother about proportions. unconventional, the brand is founded, besides independent creativity, on scientific and innovative researches such as, jeans laser treatment. MiXages goes behind the creation scene and analyzes the way by which Marithé + François Girbaud (re)produces technical cuts, colors and transposes them in the children’s universe.

Timeless Fashion

While creating with love “clothing that goes thru time”, they combine “ephemeral and permanent designs”. conceived from the unclassifiable spirit and reflection of Marithé + François Girbaud, miXages weaves a link between passed and present. Yesterday’s creations, tomorrow’s spirit, the Girbaud concept takes over the traces of the former whitening factory, marked by workers and region’s history to talk with memories.

Denim, Kraft, children’s clothing, adult’s clothing, multimedia and technical documents mix themselves in order to deliver a better message about a free and timeless fashion. “Get dress, don’t standardize yourself.”