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Mode In Taïwan (Fashion in Taiwan)

Start Date 28 January 2017
End Date 23 April 2017
Venue The Museum for Lace and Fashion/ Cité Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais
Location Calais, France
Curator June Chi-Jung Chu
Project Supervisor Jenny Yi Chen

Mode in Taiwan exhibition showcases the works of three Taiwanese fashion designers: Apu JAN, Shao-Yen CHEN, and Mei-Hui LIU. 

The three designers’ creative process features the languages of deconstruction, collage, and weaving. Through the exhibition, the combination of these three features is transformed into a new mode that not only forms a new language of fashion but also represents Taiwan’s contemporary culture, which is of multiple origins and is in constant negotiation with Taiwan’s own history and the global influence. 

Apu JAN’s creativity is manifested in his skillful weaving techniques and the highly individual style of combining different techniques of textiles. Shao-Yen CHEN has continuously experimented various materials and the structure of clothes, while Mei-Hui LIU’s work is highlighted by her collaging materials and fabrics. 

Mode in Taiwan is also the debut exhibition for Taiwanese fashion designers to show their works in a French museum; its presents the unique fashion landscape from Taiwan, a multi-facetted “jewel” of culture from the East.