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Objects and Their Stories: Shoes at Berkshire Museum

Start Date 31 May 2019
End Date 03 November 2019
Venue Berkshire Museum
Location Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA
Exhibition with two glass cabinets displaying shoes, and a print on the wall of two people dancing, one not wearing shoes.

People have been wearing shoes for thousands of years, from rudimentary sandals to today’s fashionable high-heeled boots. Explore the art, history, and science of footwear from around the world and through the years, illustrated by shoes from the Museum’s collection. Discover the fascinating stories behind elaborate beaded moccasins, hand-carved wooden shoes from the Netherlands, woven sandals from the tropics and more.

This exhibition is a part of the Berkshire Museum’s ongoing Objects and Their Stories series, which presents the diverse cultural, scientific, and historical narratives of objects from the Museum’s collection.

Image courtesy of the Berkshire Museum, Massachusetts, USA.