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Off the Wall: American Art to Wear

Start Date 10 November 2019
End Date 13 March 2020
Venue Philadelphia Museum of Art
Location Philadelphia, U.S.A
Curator Dilys Blum and Mary Schoeser
A man looks at kimonos and skirts displayed in a T formation, against a white wall and on a white plinth.
Gallery view showing clothes worn on mannequins and hung on walls. These are displayed on low-level white plinths with label strips and white walls.

Delight in the astonishing inventiveness and techniques of a generation of mixed-media artists who pioneered a new art form designed around the body. Coming of age during the dramatic cultural shifts of the 1960s and 70s, the artists in this distinctively American movement explored nontraditional materials and methods to create adventurous, deeply imaginative works.