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On Aura Tout Vu (Sensations)

Start Date 14 June 2014
End Date 31 December 2014
Venue The Museum for Lace and Fashion/ Cité Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais
Location Calais, France
Curator Lydia KAMITSIS, LARONDE Anne-Claire

The Museum for Lace and Fashion is opening its doors to the couture house on aura tout vu. Loyal to lace from their beginnings in 1998, the designers play freely with the codes of fashion. Embroidery, painting, welding, sculpture, textile printing are juxtaposed, blurring the frontiers between fashion, the plastic arts and stage costume. Their extravagant and celebratory fashion is based on the creation of feelings, the fashion house’s stated central thread. The exhibition is divided into small theatres to be discovered along an interactive visitor pathway, punctuated by sound and olfactory surprises. Models from the collections, unique designs for show business, objects revisited- an eclectic, poetic and playful world awaits you!