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Start Date 16 October 1981
End Date 01 July 1981
Venue Centraal Museum
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

In collaboration with the museum’s costume department, the theme “overalls” was chosen, a garment with a rich history. The first overalls were only worn as work clothes. One of the first to mass-produce this type of clothing was Levi Strauss, “Mr. Levi Strauss,” according to the extensive and richly illustrated brochure that accompanied the exhibition. Since then, overalls have become indispensable: in factories and workshops, at gas stations, in airplanes and space travel, in sports, etc. and finally as casual wear.

The role played by Amelia Bloomer (1818-1894) was also highlighted in the exhibition. She was one of the first women to campaign for the abolition of tight, uncomfortable corsets and stiff crinolines. She suggested that women wear shorter dresses with visible long trousers underneath, so that the wearers could move more freely. In 1911, the first women wearing trousers and a skirt appeared on the streets of Amsterdam.