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Paris/New York: Design Fashion, Culture 1925–1940

Start Date 03 October 2008
End Date 22 February 2009
Venue Museum of the City of New York
Location New York, USA
Explore the artistic relationship between two world capitals from 1925 to 1940.

The 1920s and ‘30s witnessed a burst of creative energy in the fields of architecture, design, and fashion. In transatlantic networks, the era’s great architects and designers engaged in international dialogue and collaboration, linking capital cities—above all, Paris and New York—in artistic enterprise. Paris/New York: Design, Fashion, Culture, 1925-1940 explores not only emerging trends in architecture and design but also in film, fashion, and the performing arts. The exhibition, examining the work of legendary and obscure figures as well as a range of styles, including Art Deco and neo-romanticism, displays original drawings, furnishings, decorative objects, costumes, photographs, posters, and films.