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Poetry: Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition, 2020

Start Date 01 October 2020
End Date 01 October 2021
Venue Fashion Gallery, China National Silk Museum
Location Hangzhou, China
Curator Zhao Feng
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins and millinery on plinths

Qipao is one of the most representative dresses of Chinese women. Women are dressing in Qipao all over the world in modern society. The Hangzhou Qipao Festival is working on introducing and using Qipao to connect the world since 2017. Since the first exhibition in 2018, China National Silk Museum keeps holding the series of the Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition every year.  

The theme of the Qipao exhibition this year is “Poetry”. There are about 40 pieces of Qipaos designed by designers from all over the world. Designers have used their talent and imagination to present diverse elements of “Poetry” on their works. Following their fantastic works, we will listen Chinese poets singing the ancient grace song, hearing romantic story told by bards, watching fashion coming in and going out in a place . Like poetry is a world-used Genre, we hope the Qipao can spread far as a poetic unit, in a poetic way, with a poetic concept.

Image © China National Silk Museum.