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Reflection of Time: Art of Fashion in China 1993-2012

Start Date 05 September 2013
End Date 25 September 2013
Venue Today Art Museum
Location Beijing, China
Curator Liu Jun

Reflection of Time: Art of Fashion in China 1993-2012 is dedicated to showcasing the overall  development of Chinese fashion design and the creative concepts. Works in this show originate from Chinese cultural tradition and relate closely to contemporary context to demonstrate the connection between Chinese fashion design and the time we are in, as well as its independent quality in the context of globalization.

As the world is drastically globalizing, the forming of a local creative feature, the retaining and promoting of local culture in international context has become a central issue in modern designing scene. China’s modern fashion design has grown up from a phase of learning, assimilating and copying into a mature phase of fusing, reflecting and creation. The exhibition let us review the path of growth of Chinese fashion design from the early exploration and seeking of self to the new voice in a world stage. Here you will experience a summary of important changes and developments of Chinese fashion design in the past 20 years from 1993 up to the present day.

The exhibition collects and displays about 100 creative works of fashion created in the past 20 years. They are highly representative of modern China’s fashion design and its artistic achievements. It is also a manifest of the shifting power from Made in China to Designed in China. It is a retrospect of this Chinese industry’s past 20 years in global context. The exhibition reviews, summarizes and looks into the future of the unique charm of Chinese fashion and helps Chinese fashion culture to integrate into the world with its own language, and thereby to expand the influence of Chinese designing.