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Reflections: Images and Objects from African American Women, 1891-1987

Start Date 31 January 2017
End Date 30 April 2017
Venue The Esse Purse Museum
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Exhibition glass cabinet with three handbags and historical artefacts.

In conjunction with Black History Month and Women’s History Month, Reflections honors and celebrates African American woman in the late 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibit will view their lives through the lens of feminine material culture, ephemera, and photography. ESSE and MTCC hope visitors will reflect on the private spheres of every day life of African American women in Arkansas and beyond.

The artifacts on display represent the collections of MTCC, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, and ESSE Purse Museum. The private collections of the Bernice Lamb McSwain family and Mary and Joshua Swift have also contributed to the making of this exhibit.

Image courtesy of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.