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Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design

Start Date 21 November 1974
End Date 9 January 1975
Venue Metropolitan Museum of Art
Location New York, USA
Curator Stella Blum
Special Consultant Diana Vreeland

Glamorous and romantic Hollywood design. The glorification of heroes and heroines. Beautiful women, handsome men. Everything was larger than life. The diamonds were bigger, the furs were thicker and more. The silks, velvets, satins and chiffons, and miles of ostrich feathers. Everything was an exaggeration of history, fiction and the whole wide extraordinary world.

The basis was perfect designing and incredible workmanship — the cut of decolletage, the embroidery, the mounting of a skirt, and miles and miles of bugle beads.

The eye travelled, the mind travelled, in a maze of perfection and imagination.

Exhibition Catalogue

Images courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art