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Start Date 31 October 2020
End Date 06 December 2020
Venue Wuhan International Plaza
Location Wuhan, China
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins and accessories hanging on wall

Louis Vuitton presents SEE LV, an immersive journey through the Maison’s 160-year-old history at Wuhan’s International Plaza.

As one of the China’s most important cities and rich in cultural and historical heritage, Wuhan is the first stop for Louis Vuitton’s new travelling exhibition titled SEE LV. Revisiting some of the Maison’s greatest innovations in design and technology, SEE LV invites visitors to uncover all facets of the Louis Vuitton’s history and creations through a contemporary lens, bringing together a remarkable collection of contemporary looks, early 20th century trunks, and artistic collaborations such as this year’s Artycapucines Collection.

Image © Louis Vuitton.