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Shape Up: Case Studies in Fashion Making

Start Date 23 September 2019
End Date 08 December 2019
Venue UC Davis Design Museum
Location Davis, California, USA
Curator Adele Zhang
Exhibition display with three mannequins displaying dress and a Kimono hanging from the wall.
Exhibition displaying an African boubou and a Japanese kimono hanging from the wall.

An exhibition that turns garments inside out to show their structure, “Shape Up: Case Studies in Fashion Making” was open for the UC Davis Design Museum’s 2019-2020 season on September 23rd 2019.

Showcasing clothing from Africa, Asia and Central America as well as western garments from the UC Davis Jo Ann C. Stabb Design Collection, this exhibition reveals the hidden structures, patterns and shaping methods that underlie fashion creation.

The exhibition’s three sections ­— “Tailored Silhouettes,” “Untrimmed Contours” and “New Dimensions” — acknowledge the long history of artisanship behind how clothing was shaped and its influential role in design practice.

Images courtesy of Justin Han for UC Davis Design Museum, California, USA.