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Sourcing the Muse

Start Date 12 April 2000
End Date 21 June 2000
Venue Powerhouse Museum
Location Sydney, Australia
Curator Glynis Jones,
Designer Christina Cariyanides
Graphic Designer Danny Jacobsen
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Sourcing the Muse presented the design journey of eight Australian fashion designers from inspiration to creation. In an endeavour to illuminate design processes, the Powerhouse Museum asked eight leading Australian fashion designers and design teams to explore the Museum’s dress and textile collection and select objects to use as a source of inspiration for a new garment. Those selected included Akira (Akira Isogawa), Easton Pearson (Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton), Gwendolynne (Gwendolynne Burkin), Michelle Jank, Nicola (Nicola Finetti), S!X (Peter Boyd and Denise Sprynskyj), Tea Rose (Rosemary Armstrong) and Vixen (Georgia Chapman and Maureen Sohn). 

Sourcing the Muse – Media Release-1

Images courtesy of MAAS Powerhoiuse, Sydney: Photos:

  1. Marinco Kojdanovski 
  2. Jean Francois Lanzarone