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Splendeurs Dévoilées (Splendors Unveiled)

Start Date 14 May 2007
End Date 07 October 2007
Venue Musée de la Visitation
Location Paris, France
Curator Gérard Picaud and Jean Foisselon

For the first time, a large-scale exhibition devoted to the Visitation was organized in France, recalling the rich past of more than 350 foundations, including more than 160 on French soil.

The visitor thus had the opportunity to discover a hundred exceptional objects, for the most part unpublished: historical objects, royal gifts, monastic creations. He was able to admire the table clock of Saint Joan of Chantal, alongside creations of 17th century rolled papers or liturgical vestments with beautiful needle paintings, as well as an ivory offered by Pope Paul V, a Amber Virgin of Marie-Anne of Austria or the gold ring received by Abbé Pierre, the chasuble of 1624 with gold embroidery of the Prince of Savoy and that made in a dress that belonged to the queen Marie Antoinette.

These objects have captivated all those who are attracted by the beauty in connection with history thanks to unpublished sources (author, sponsor, anecdotes), information rarely known for objects kept in public collections.

The finest and rarest pieces in the Museum’s collections were thus visible at the Hôtel Demoret, one of the most attractive buildings in the town of Moulins, still imbued with Gothic architecture, specially renovated.

Image courtesy of Musée de la Visitation, Moulins, France