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Splendid Decade: Fashion China 2011-2020

Start Date January 2021
End Date March 2021
Venue China National Silk Museum
Location Hangzhou, China
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Sponsored by China Fashion Association and Fabrics China, the annual fashion retrospective exhibition of China National Silk Museum has been held from 2011 to 2020. In the splendid decade, Chinese fashion industry was developing rapidly and successfully achieved innovation, product upgrading and bran d transformation. At the same time, considering the integration of Chinese traditional culture and the world, Chinese fashion has steadily created its national style, national trend and national bran d for the new generation.

Part 1: The Splendid Decade. It focuses on the art & culture, inheritance & development of Chinese fashion over the world in the past ten years.

Part 2: Oriental Style Renovation. It brings together the representative works of China’s top designers and national bran ds in the past ten years, as well as the exploration works driven by new concepts such as digitalization and sustainability.

Part 3: Fabric Innovation. In the new form of domestic economic development, Chinese textile industry uses new technologies, materials and processes to improve the product, and ventures into the journey of differentiation and high value development.

Part 1: The Splendid Decade

Chapter 1 The Finest Huafu

The “Hua” of Huafu refers to both China and magnificence. This chapter shows haute couture dress, which is called the pearl on the crown of fashion art. In the past decade, China’s haute couture dress has developed from vacancy to excellence. And now it is serving the top customers and gradually gained its international reputation. In the past decade, with the further improvement of China’s economic strength and international status, “Beauty of China” has become an indispensable part of the international fashion world.

Image © China National Silk Museum.