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Start Date 25 November 2021
End Date 30 December 2021
Venue ModeMuseum
Location Hasselt, Belgium
Curator Dominique Nzeyimana

This summer, 9 young fashionistas formed team Wildgrowth: an intensive process in which they were taught various techniques related to textile processing and printing and then had to get creative themselves.

The end result? Can be admired from Thursday 25 November in the pop-up in Modemuseum Hasselt. Under the guidance of jewelery and product designer Lore Langendries and Limburg fashion designers Tessa Borrenberghs, Queen LordJord, MaJeo La Rosa, Toon VanoJerdijk and Merlijn Cambré from the Zeefdrukatelier and Nike Reynders from Borduurbitch, they also worked on their individual textile project throughout the summer. On display at the Fashion Museum until the end of the year.

Wild Growth is a trajectory developed by De Serre, a creative greenhouse in the heart of Hasselt where experimentation and creativity are fully stimulated.