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Streetstyle: From Teddy Boys to Grime Kids

Start Date 15 November 2019
End Date 07 December 2019
Venue Trinity Art Gallery
Location London, U.K.
Curator Tory Turk

Hosted in east London, the birth place of Grime, the exhibition will feature rare content from personal archives including notes from the original exhibition’s Skinheads display, Zandra Rhodes’ Conceptual Chic collection (1977) and Fiona Cartledge’s Sign of the Times archive, as well as exclusive visuals which capture the essence of Grime.


Streetstyle, From Sidewalk to Catwalk (1994) was co-curated by Amy de la Haye (Joint Director of Centre for Fashion Curation, UAL). Focusing on the alternative dressing of subcultures, from punk to B-Boys, Streetstyle, From Sidewalk to Catwalk which opened in 1994 at the V&A, signified the first exhibition of its kind celebrating the style tribes who challenged the status quo and changed the face of fashion.