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Studio 54: Night Magic (Touring)

Start Date 25 June 2021
End Date 17 October 2021
Venue Dortmunder U
Location Dortmund, Germany
Curator Matthew Yokobosky
Designer Matthew Yokobosky

The legendary “Studio 54” is coming to Dortmund: The Dortmunder U is presenting a large exhibition about the influential New York nightclub that made cultural history.

The exhibition will be shown after stops at the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. To this day, more than three decades after its closure, Studio 54’s influence on fashion, society and club culture continues. With photographs, fashion objects, film and music as well as costume illustrations and set designs never before shown, the exhibition tells the eventful history of the nightclub.

On April 26, 1977, “Studio 54” opened on 54th Street in New York City and quickly established itself as the world’s first disco address with regulars such as Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, the Jaggers, Michael Jackson, Calvin Klein, Elton John and Grace Jones. Due to a tax scandal, the club had to close for the first time in just three years and finally disappeared in 1986. But it wasn’t just scandals that made Studio 54 famous: It was also an example of social openness, because everyone could celebrate here regardless of origin, gender or sexual orientation.

The legend lives on – and with it the stories of exciting party nights, the most unusual cloakrooms and, last but not least, the unmistakable music.

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Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany

June 25–October 17, 2021

Brooklyn Museum, New York

March 13–November 8, 2020