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Start Date 01 April 2023
End Date 14 January 2024
Venue V&A Dundee
Location Dundee, Scotland
Curator Kirsty Hassard
A red, blue and green tartan suit, comprising a lapelled jacket, waistcoat, kilt and trousers, stands in the centre. The background shows more tartan outfits and flat swatches shown in framed display cases.
A multi-coloured tartan outfit and high heels is displayed atop a dark blue modular plinth. Text introduced by 'Tartan and the Grid' is shown on a wall alongside tartan swatches and patterns.
At the forefront shows 102 tartan swatches stationed in front of text saying 'Tailor's Touch Table'. Two digital screens are flat within the station. The background are tartan outfits displayed in modular frames.

Tartan celebrates the global story of a unique pattern – how the rules of the grid have inspired creativity from the everyday to the sublime.

The instantly recognisable symbol of Scotland, a global textile of tradition, rebellion, oppression and fashion, tartan has connected and divided communities worldwide, inspiring great works of art as well as playful and provocative designs.

Experience dazzling objects from around the world from the high fashion of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen to Jackie Stewart’s racing helmet, from the portrait of rugby legend Doddie Weir to the MacBean tartan which rocketed to the moon. See tartan worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie and Bay City Rollers trousers handmade by a lifelong fan, together with the indigenous textiles of Indian Madras and the humble Scottish shortbread tin.

Photos credit: Michael McGurk.