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The Craftsmanship of JANTAMINIAU

Start Date 27 September 2012
End Date 27 January 2013
Venue Textiel Museum
Location Tilburg, Netherlands
Designer Dries Otten
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins above folded wooden deckchair frames

Press release
To January 27, 2013 the Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg presents ‘The Craftsmanship of JANTAMINIAU’. The exhibition presents outfits from four different collections which Jan Taminiau, fashion designer, has developed in the museum’s TextielLab. A film by Roel van Tour brings an extra dimension to the exhibition. It gives an impression of the creative process. In addition, visitors are invited to get acquainted with traditional embroidery techniques in the ‘Broderie d’art’ workshops.

Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau (Goirle, 1975), who has established an international reputation, founded his JANTAMINIAU label in 2003. He can count among his customers Princess Máxima, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. The couture dresses of JANTAMINIAU are captivating, poetic and surprising. Despite his designs having refined and conceptual undertones, the designer never loses sight of the elegant and feminine form.

An exception in the Dutch fashion industry

In the Dutch fashion industry a designer who develops his own fabrics for his collections is a rarity. Already at the beginning of his career, Jan Taminiau got to know the technical capabilities of the TextielLab. For his graduation collection Unfolding (2003) at the Fashion Institute Arnhem, he immersed himself in the computer-controlled double weave technique. Fascinated by weaving several layers, for the realization of pieces from Follies (A / W 2007-08), Reflections (A / W 2010-11) and Irradiance (S / S 2011) Jan Taminiau found his way back to the TextielLab. Not bound by conventional rules and in conjunction with the product developers of the TextielLab, he manages to create new and unusual results.

The presentation – a total experience

The presentation of the collections in the Textielmuseum offers the visitor a total experience. The visualization of the aesthetic qualities and the technical finesses go hand in hand. The theatrical masks and head dresses from the Irradiance collection are characterized by the use of reflective and luminous yarns. Lined up in an intimate way the robes reveal their hidden nightlife. Their baroque patterns magically light up in the dark. The Reflections collection is characterized by an intriguing play of light and dark in order to emphasize the collection’s starting point and visual effect – reflection. The secret behind the modest Follies collection of linen and soft shiny yarn is the ability to change any outfit in a snap. By turning the pieces inside out a dress turns into a coat, a dress into a shawl and a jacket into a skirt.

Broderie d’art

The exhibition also accommodates a studio, inspired by JANTAMINIAU’s own studio and embroidery studios. Centerpiece of this room is the wedding dress from the Duality collection (S / S 2010), which has been created in the studio of JANTAMINIAU after many hours of manual work. Visitors can learn about traditional embroidery techniques. For further information on the workshops please visit our website.


The Belgian designer Dries Otten is responsible for the visual, spatial and functional planning of the exhibition. Emma Thyssen is responsible for the graphical layout of the exhibition. The exhibition is made possible through grants from the SNS REAAL Fund, the ABN AMRO and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds North-Brabant.

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Image courtesy of  TextielMuseum. Photo Camiel Donders.