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The Man with the Carnation:
Fans from the Gérard Lévy Collection

Start Date 04 June 2018
End Date 29 April 2019
Venue The Fan Museum
Location London, UK
Curator The Fan Museum
Exhibition display of fans

Fantasy and folly take centre stage in a spellbinding exhibition of more than 80 fans, on display for the first time in the UK… 

The intriguingly titled, The Man with the Carnation showcases the fan collection of Gérard Lévy (1934–2016), a revered dealer and connoisseur of Asian art and antique photography who collected fans for pleasure. Born in Morocco, Lévy lived most of his life in France where in 1966 he opened Galerie Gérard Lévy (designed by Le Corbusier) in Paris. 

An urbane figure who always wore on his lapel a carnation flower, Lévy’s fan collection echoes some of his broader artistic interests – surrealism, for example. Themes such as fantasy, folly and exoticism resonate throughout the exhibition and reinforce his quest to collect the kitsch, curious, naïve and exemplary. 

The exhibition spotlights a gentleman who possessed a deep knowledge of and appreciation for beautiful objects. 

The Fan Museum is honoured to work with Galerie Gérard Lévy and continue our ‘Entente Cordiale.’ 

Helene Alexander, Director, The Fan Museum 

Image courtesy of The Fan Museum.