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Ties with tradition: Macedonian apron designs

Start Date 31 July 2009 
End Date 22 November 2009 
Venue Powerhouse Museum
Location Sydney, Australia
Curator Lindie Ward
Designer Kirsten Franklin 

A project of the Powerhouse Museum’s NSW Migration Heritage Centre in collaboration with the Macedonian Welfare Association Inc. based on an original concept produced by Meredith Walker and Mendo Trajcevski, supported by the Illawarra Migration Heritage Project Inc. and the Powerhouse Museum’s Regional Services. 

This exhibition showcases a selection of Macedonian aprons, traditionally worn for special occasions and everyday use. A powerful juxtaposition of colours, patterns, and materials, these hand-woven aprons tell the stories of women’s lives and creativity, their villages and traditions. 
For the women of the Illawarra area in NSW, their journey of migration to Australia transformed their aprons from an integral part of daily dress into a lasting memento of a former way of life.  

Image Courtesy of MAAS Powerhouse, Sydney. Photo: Sotha Bourn