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To Craftsmanship – 2017 Fashion Review

Start Date December 2017
End Date 21 October 2018
Venue China Silk Museum
Location Hangzhou, China
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

“In the custom of the ancients, open up a fresh outlook.”

China has a historic name called HuaXia. “Xia” means elegant, it stands for China’s attention to etiquette, and “Hua” represents the beauty of traditional Chinese costumes. Five thousand years, the traditional Chinese costume culture has a long history, deeply influenced the spiritual world of the Chinese people. It helped to build the characteristics of the Chinese nation, and now become a link connecting China and the world.

With the inclusion of “Cultivating the Spirit of the Craftsman” in the government work report, China’s garment design industries as well as creative industries have started to promote the spirit of the craftsman in fashion. Fashion week and fashion events have become ever more popular at home, which contributed to form a platform for designers to create many excellent works that embody the cultural history and traditional humanistic spirit. With the rise of these works, Chinese costumes are once again on the fashion stage of the world, Chinese fashion is constantly regaining its cultural consciousness and design confidence. It shows the world the oriental spirit of China, which is more diversified, inclusive and creative.

Part 1: New Force

“It takes ten years to grow trees,but a hundred years to rear people.”

The key of the development of fashion and creative industry is talents training. With the gradual improvement of Chinese cultural consciousness and design confidence, clothing related industries and competition platforms more emphasis on the cultivation and growth of young designers, and provide a comprehensive range of industrial chain supporting services. Moreover, with the support of professional colleges at home and abroad, the ability of young designers in China has been improved overall.

Part 2: Fruitful Achievements

“Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever.”

Against the backdrop of international fashion brands and fast fashion brands grabbing the Chinese market, local clothing brands attached great importance to quality promotion and cultural heritage construction. After the ebb tide, stood out a batch of business brands advocating craftsman spirit and independent designer brands with traditional non-legacy transformation. Those brands have won the recognition and favor of the general public and ushered in the spring of the booming domestic fashion brands.

Part 3: Beginner’s Mind

“Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.”

In the field of fashion art, there exists a batch of inheritors who adhere to the concept “Creativity First.”With the initial enthusiasm for costume design, they are not easily influenced by the glitz and bustle of the moment. These inheritors inherit the essence of Chinese traditional costume culture and draw inspirations from the Chinese history. Together they promote the development of fashion art, highlight the ethnic feelings of “Chinese Design and Oriental Aesthetics”.

Part 4:Fabric Innovation

“To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness”

As the source of fashion design and quality life, fabric innovation provides a richer variety of choices for costume design. In the iterative process of transformation and upgrading of spinning weaving industry, Chinese textile enterprises pay more attention to scientific intelligence, environmental protection and cultural creativity. The innovation contributes to the development of fabric technology, the creativity of industrial technology and the influence of Chinese culture, give fashion a new interpretation.