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Today Art and Fashion Award and Exhibition (TAFA)

Start Date 29 October 2014
End Date 14 November 2014
Venue Today Art Museum
Location Beijing, China
Curator Cao DiFei, Liu ShuHui, Sun JiangMei, Zhang ZhiWei
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Today Art Museum is positioned at the frontier of modern arts, always presenting the diversity of arts through frequent exhibitions and arts projects. Based on arts and fashion lifestyle, TAFA 2014 aims at creating a trans-boundary platform of arts and fashion spirits. TAFA creates and integrates arts and fashion lifestyle through trans-boundary means. It drives more efforts for exploration and progress in fashion and arts; it disrupts and integrates core resources and personal connections of all sectors; it helps to build the most influential and largest commercial trans-boundary platform.

The platform is far beyond creativity and transcends the existing boundaries; it also disrupts and reorganizes the resources in an unprecedented manner. Artists and designers will contribute their works, which will be integrated for re-creation. At TAFA, we will share the commonality in modern arts and design. Artists, designers, and super stars with different backgrounds, roles, and professions will work together to create a fashion and arts show of immense diversity. Boundaries will be broken down to allow all possibilities of collaboration of top players in all fields and integration of resources. Ideas and perceptions about fashion and arts will be best presented through diverse forms.

Image courtesy of Today Art Museum