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Traditional Clothing Icons

Start Date 15 March 2018
End Date 03 June 2018
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Olivier Saillard / Helena López de Hierro
Curatorial team Clothing: Concha Herranz, Jewelry: Maria Antonia Herradón, Photography: Concha García-Hoz
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

The traditional clothing collection is one of the treasures of the collections of the Costume Museum. The costumes and accessories that make it up date mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, were grouped together prior to 1925, when the Exhibition of Regional and Historical Costume was inaugurated, a milestone in Spanish cultural life and the origin of the current Museo del Suit. 

The numerous costumes on display -of the trade, newspaper, rituals, etc.-, among which those for festive use stand out, are grouped around five sections: 

  • Evolutions: slow and fundamentally formal 
  • Ritual festivals: associated with the festive calendar 
  • Craft icons: specific suits tailored to your profession 
  • Survivals and identities: diverse silhouettes coexist, garments of different chronology and historical influence, artisanal weaving with industrial, manual confection with mechanics, natural dyes with chemicals 
  • Exaltation of wealth: in Galan costumes, associated with rites of passage and the life cycle, it manifests itself through the wealth of materials and decoration, or the accumulation of clothing and jewelry.

Spanish Cultural ActionCostume Museum(AC / E) organized

Palais Galliera collaborates . Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

General Commissioner Olivier Saillard

Deputy Commissioner Helena López de Hierro

Curatorial team

Clothing: Concha Herranz

Jewelry: Maria Antonia Herradón P

hotography: Concha García-Hoz

Image courtesy of Museo Del Traje.