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Treading goals. History of sports shoes

Start Date 08 July 2013
End Date 22 September 2013
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain

With the popularization of sport in the 19th century, different footwear models were devised whose design is based on an anatomical study of the foot that facilitates the movements it makes during exercise. 

Although there are very old antecedents, the white fabric sneaker with a rubber sole is the nineteenth-century classic from which a wide later typology will start. The exhibition that we present aims to show the evolution of this type of footwear that, over time, has become more specialized. Thus we can contemplate a specific shoe for skating, boxing, playing soccer, basketball or tennis. 

But perhaps the most curious thing about sports shoes is the current generalization of their use. Today sneakers are used on a daily basis for all kinds of activities, they are a fashion accessory and are commonly used in all social strata. 

From the shoes that Rafael Nadal played in the 2007 Wimbledon final to diving boots, to footwear used for regattas or cricket boots, this exhibition includes a selection of the different footwear used for the practice of the sport throughout history.