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Treasures of Fashion: The aesthetic sense of Valerie Steele

Start Date 19 May 2020
End Date 30 August 2020
Venue Kobe Fashion Museum
Location Kobe, Japan
Curator Valerie Steele
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins with white wigs

The Kobe Fashion Museum presents the exhibition, “Treasures of Fashion ― the aesthetic sense of Valerie Steele.”

The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, a world-famous educational institution is part of the State University of New York. Dr. Valerie Steele is Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at FIT, a division of FIT and specialized fashion museum.  For this exhibition, she selected approximately 150 items from the collection of the Kobe Fashion Museum, including rococo-style Western dresses dating from the 18th century to modern times, as well as fashion photographs, creating an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our collection from a new perspective.

With the exhibiting cooperation of: Osaka Shoin Womens University.

Image © Kobe Fashion Museum.