We explore the carnival of Buenos Aires and that of Corrientes, from historical and current costumes and costumes.

Hermanando Carnavales is an exhibition that takes place simultaneously with the José Hernández Popular Art Museum.

Each space proposes different ways of approaching this festival that is celebrated in our region in very different ways. Fabrics adorned with sequins, stones and embroidery. Fringes, feathers, glitter and colors, many colors. In the background, the essential percussion to mark the passage of bodies that move even without meaning to. Beyond the place and the time, Carnival is a celebration linked to freedom, games and fun.

At the Museum of the History of Costume we explore the carnival of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, and that of the city of Bella Vista in Corrientes, based on
historical and current costumes and costumes.

From February 6 to April 15, with free admission.

This exhibition is made with the contributions of Marcelo Péndola and the Living Museum of the Metropolitan Carnival.