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Twister: The Celebrated, Ingenious and Exotic in Fashion

Start Date 28 November 2002
End Date 9 February 2003
Venue National Gallery of Victoria
Location Melbourne, Australia
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Twister: The Celebrated, Ingenious and Exotic in Fashion is an exhibition drawn from the Australian fashion holdings of the National Gallery of Victoria. Avoiding a linear, chronological approach, the exhibition juxtaposes a diverse selection of historical and contemporary works and seeks to engage an alternative way of looking at fashion. Relationships between individual works are developed through themes of the celebrated, ingenious and exotic.

Examining the influences and motivations of designers and makers, Twister explores the relationship between the context in which fashion is created and the minutiae of its construction. Viewers are offered multiple interpretations of the works through layered and unexpected juxtapositions of the three themes.

Photo: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne