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Uniformity: Cracking the Dress Code

Start Date 27 September 2012
End Date 28 July 2013
Venue Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand)
Location Wellington, New Zealand
Exhibition entrance including banner with exhibition title

Uniformity: cracking the dress code, Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa), Wellington, New Zealand, 27 Sept 2012-28 July 2013

This exhibition explored the meanings and origins of uniforms from the battlefield to the sports field, the church to the catwalk, the schoolyard to the street. It offered a close-up look at the combat dress worn by Corporal Willie Apiata, VC in the deserts of Afghanistan. Visitors could see the heavenly attire of a Catholic priest alongside the down-to-business suit of Brian Tamaki. 

Even the educational television programme Play School (1972–90)made an appearance, through Big Ted’s ‘police bear’ outfit. A range of T-shirts were on display expressing ideas as uniforms do, particularly messages of protest.

Image courtesy of Te Papa. Photo by Michael Hall / Te Papa.