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Untying the Bow

Start Date 01 March 2024
End Date 24 March 2024
Venue The Museum at FIT
Location New York, U.S.A

Unassuming as they may seem, bows have played an indispensable role in securing garments and accessories for centuries. Experience their allure in Untying the Bow, an exhibition curated by graduate students in FIT’s MA Fashion and Textiles Studies program. Discover the ubiquitous influence of bows in our lives, transcending shoelaces to become a subtle yet powerful element of personal style.

Untying the Bow is an exploration into the utility and symbolism of this pervasive element of clothing. This exhibition invites visitors to explore the rich history, symbolism, and enduring charm of bows in fashion. It unfolds in three thematic sections, beginning by tracing the bow’s origins and delving into its form and function for utilitarian purposes. The next theme is the bow’s symbolism as a marker and subverter of status and gender. Finally, the exhibition examines how the symbolism of bows in fashion has evolved into abstract forms and patterns. Experiments with scale and technique allow bows to transcend their original form and become captivating motifs. Untying the Bow is a transformative journey, unraveling the hidden narratives and cultural expressions that have elevated the bow from a mere structural element to a timeless icon in fashion.