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Wedding Dreams

Start Date 28 September 2018
End Date 28 July 2019
Venue Museum of European Cultures
Location Berlin, Germany
Curator Jane Redlin
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins with small wedding dresses suspended to the side

Wedding – the big dream. For many the most important moment in life. What are these dreams like? How are they created? How have they changed? Do all dreams come true? And what does all of this have to do with feelings?

In the exhibition, the Museum of European Cultures (MEK) shows lived and unlived, past and present wedding dreams. They are as different as the people, the cultures and religions and yet have astonishingly much in common.

Dreams of young and old and those “in between”, of princes, celebrities, artists and designers. The interactive exhibition with a varied program of events invites you to discover, tell, remember and dream.

Image courtesy of Museum Europäischer Kulturen.