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What’s In Your Bag?

Start Date 21 July 2021
End Date 18 July 2022
Venue Kent State University Museum
Location Kent, Ohio, USA
Curator Pierce Morgan

KSU Fashion Student and Museum Intern Pierce Morgan was inspired by a purse he found in the Museum collection which had an assortment of personal items including a baby picture, Green Stamps, and a Christmas list.  He was intrigued by what stories and mysteries might be held in other bags and so he curated this display that helps us imagine.  In his statement on the exhibit he writes, “These handbags in the KSU Museum collection have been on the arm of a woman as an extension of her daily life, from great adventures to everyday experiences.  A handbag dutifully carries what we need but is also a container with style. These handbags have lived great lives and represent the legacies of their owners. I invite you to look at each piece and imagine a name, a face, and a purpose. Visualize the outfit paired with the bag or the unusual items it may have carried. Handbags witness the great and small moments of our lives and embody those memories. Now think about your bag and what its contents reveal about you.”