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Women who change the world

Start Date 05 February 2016
End Date 27 March 2016
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Juan Gutiérrez and Rodrigo de la Fuente

The Costume Museum and the NGO Mundo Cooperante offer an exhibition dedicated to women, using 24 exclusive costumes that were shown at World Fashion Week in Paris 2014 and made by designers from different countries on five continents. The exhibition talks about the situation of women and girls in the world and, above all, the importance that they have in the development of their communities. 

Women as an engine of development 

In no country in the world is there real equality between men and women; women and girls too often see their most basic rights violated. However, the development of communities passes through them: women who work every day to help their families, who fight for their rights and those of others, who fight pernicious practices every day that seriously endanger the integrity of millions of girls and women in the world. 

Thanks to the collaboration of the World Fashion Week in Paris 2014, the designers donated some of their pieces to promote equal rights between women and men and, especially, to raise funds in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. In this way, we can offer an exhibition that combines the eye-catching of fashion and education in gender equality, also offering the possibility of collaborating with the initiative, acquiring the costumes displayed in the exhibition through the web

This exhibition will also be accompanied by free educational workshops on gender equality and gender and development, which have been possible thanks to the collaboration of the General Directorate for Equality between Women and Men of the Madrid City Council. They will be directed to educational centers during school hours and to families on weekends.