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WOW-fashion! World of Wearable Art

Start Date 06 October 2018
End Date 03 February 2019
Venue Erarta Gallery
Location St Petersberg, Russia
Exhibition display of fantasy-style silver costumes

For the first time in Russia, the Erarta Museum will present costumes-winners of the World of WearableArt ™ international design competition. This is the world’s largest competition in which costume designers give free rein to fantasy by creating real art that can be worn. Exhibition “WOW-fashion! World of WearableArt ™ »will show the brightest works of authors from different countries over the past few years.

Visitors will see a lot of amazing costumes: a flirty pink fiberglass dress in which you can feel like a princess; textured “American dream”, reminiscent of a fast-paced and stylish retro car; outfit made of cloth, papier-mâché and wire that turns a person into a fantastic inhabitant of the deep sea; robe in the form of a gothic castle and much more.

The main partner of the exhibition: the Government of New Zealand.