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Yves Saint Laurent and Morocco

Start Date 27 November 2010
End Date 18 March 2011
Venue Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent at the Jardin Majorelle
Location Marrakech, Morocco
Designer Christophe Martin
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

More than just a retrospective featuring the essential work of Yves Saint Laurent – the pea coat, the Mondrian dress, ‘le smoking’ and the safari jacket – the exhibition, rooted in Marrakech, is a voyage to the heart of what influenced the designer.

Fifty pieces chosen from the collection will be displayed around themes dear to Yves Saint Laurent – Masculine-Feminine, Black, Africa and Morocco, Imaginary Voyages, Gardens and Art – offering an original interpretation of the couturier’s work using garments that, until now, have rarely been seen by the public. The garments on display will be rotated regularly, in order to ensure their conservation and to constantly revive the exhibition.

The museum scenographer Christophe Martin has highlighted the displayed pieces against a black and minimal background. The garments are seen alongside immersive audiovisual elements – sketches, photographs, runway shows, films, voices and music – that, by offering a sort of dialogue with the garments, reveal the couturier’s creative process and invite us into his world.

Image courtesy of Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent at the Jardin Majorelle